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Reflections from my Strongman act in Lake George, the foundation and the mindset

I’m writing this from a hotel room in Lake George before my strongman act combined with an inspirational speech tomorrow morning but won’t post  this until I get home.

It was a crazy drive up here going through snow and freezing rain.  Knowing that the drive was going to be treacherous my wife displayed her displeasure at me going.  I told her I said I was going to be here and that’s all there is to it.

What does any of this have to do with strength, health and fitness?  I’ll tell you 🙂

First, is the foundation.  The future of your fitness and health is built upon the foundation that you set early on.  That’s why in my system of training I analyze the way you move, because if we program on top of a faulty foundation, everything above it will also be faulty.  In the case of me being a motivational speaker, one of the biggest fears that meeting planners have when they hire a speaker is whether or not they will show up in the first place.  It’s important for my reputation early on that I’m a man of my word.

Second is about the mindset that leads to successful transformations. You see with the right mindset, a mindset that is committed to making it happen that’s where success is built.  As a matter of fact, I turn people away if I don’t think they are committed to their own goals, simply because if you aren’t committed, there is nothing I can do to help you.

Tomorrow morning (today by the time this is posted) I have a group of teenagers that I am determined to inspire.  I was not going to let neither a snowflake, nor a legion of them stop me.  Do what it takes, it’s that simple.

If you need guidance from a personal trainer in Boonton Township or Mountain Lakes New Jersey who actually knows what they’re doing, and are committed to your own goals, I welcome you to test drive my training program.

train and recover so you can adapt effectively

Earlier today I performed back to back strongman acts. Right before the 2nd show someone had remarked, “It’s got to be really tiring doing that twice in a row.”

Yes it can be, but so can so many other things all which take effect on your recovery. I used to have a short questionnaire before every session where I would ask my personal training clients how their sleep had been, how their nutrition had been, what their work week was like. I did this to gauge how hard they should train.

Someone who is going through a divorce, barely slept the night before, has a huge project that is running behind schedule and ate crappy food isn’t likely going to be able to train as hard as someone of similar genes who naps twice a day, eats like a monk and has a therapeutic massage as their regular day to day affair. And because this sort of thing can change day to day, often times training needs to be calibrated on the daily.

It’s a 3 part process. Train (give your body a stimulus to adapt to) + recover (give your body a chance to adapt before it breaks down) = adaptation (by becoming stronger, increasing endurance etc.)

The amounts and the speed of adaptation depend on the person, but are sped up when given in the right doses.

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The Greatest Workout Song

Clever and funny yes…but I’m an old school metal head and prefer the likes of Judas Priest for training 🙂

In actuality I normally don’t have any music playing while training. You see there is an internal monolog that happens while you’re training that music can help tune out, however I want myself and my personal training clients to be able to tune that out without the aid of music.

Besides that I don’t like to have to yell out instructions and cues. I want people to hear me at conversational volume and I like the small groups to be able to socialize and keep a light and enjoyable atmosphere.

If you are in the Boonton Township area of New Jersey and are looking for a personal trainer, I have a one week test drive so you can try it out and see if it’s right for you.