train and recover so you can adapt effectively

Earlier today I performed back to back strongman acts. Right before the 2nd show someone had remarked, “It’s got to be really tiring doing that twice in a row.”

Yes it can be, but so can so many other things all which take effect on your recovery. I used to have a short questionnaire before every session where I would ask my personal training clients how their sleep had been, how their nutrition had been, what their work week was like. I did this to gauge how hard they should train.

Someone who is going through a divorce, barely slept the night before, has a huge project that is running behind schedule and ate crappy food isn’t likely going to be able to train as hard as someone of similar genes who naps twice a day, eats like a monk and has a therapeutic massage as their regular day to day affair. And because this sort of thing can change day to day, often times training needs to be calibrated on the daily.

It’s a 3 part process. Train (give your body a stimulus to adapt to) + recover (give your body a chance to adapt before it breaks down) = adaptation (by becoming stronger, increasing endurance etc.)

The amounts and the speed of adaptation depend on the person, but are sped up when given in the right doses.

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