Meet Eric Moss

Meet Eric Moss, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, NJ Fitness Instructor, NJ Personal Trainer, Boonton Personal Trainer, StrongFirst™

Eric Moss’ qualifications.

Eric Moss, personal trainer in Boonton
  • Author (Autobiography has all 5-star ratings)
  • Personal trainer since 2003
  • RKC Instructor under Pavel’s leadership
  • Had been certified as a StrongFirst™ Kettlebell Instructor (SFG)
  • Had been certified as a StrongFirst™ Specialist in Body-weight Strength (SFB)
  • Certified in the Functional Movement Systems as a Level 2 Coach (FMS)
  • Selected by StrongFirst™ to teach at personal training certification courses both nationally and internationally
  • Amazing 12 Certified Body Transformation Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • World Record Holding Modern Day Performing Strongman
  • Assistant Coach at the Breakthrough Strength Personal Development Workshop with Chris Rider 

After being picked on and ridiculed in his youth, Eric found his self-confidence after seeing the benefits of weight training which gave him a passion for strength and fitness which became the inspiration for him to want to start training people to do the same.

When he first started as a personal trainer in the fitness industry he worked in an average everyday health club which at the time sported a power-lifting team that held several records. When the gym was bought by a guy who was successful on Wall Street, changes happened that changed it into a gym that limited people’s potential.  The new rules in the place actually prevented people from getting the results they wanted. Eric Moss left not long after because it felt “wrong” and started running fitness boot camps bouncing around different locations in New Jersey.  Eric’s personal training studio is currently on Main Street in Boonton.

The constant search for better ways of getting stronger led him to the fascinating subculture of performing strongmen where he learned strategies for going beyond self-imposed limiting beliefs for personal development and becoming a modern day professional performing strongman creating a decade of destruction.

Watch Eric Moss’ promo video below.  Just remember everything you are about to see is real.

Now Eric incorporates a unique mixture of the lessons he learned becoming a modern-day performing strongman, trench tested training methods from an era before performance enhancement drugs and cutting-edge science, and what he’s learned from nearly two decades of experience training people.  Among his clientele are touring musicians (including some who work with big names) beauty pageant winners, international CEO’s, lost souls and regular folks who want to get the best results possible.

Eric keeps likes to keep a relaxed atmosphere in his personal training studio where people transform their mind and body to be strong, fit, lean, and healthy effectively as well as having a few laughs.

Eric Moss is available for:
Personal Training/Achievement Coaching
Motivational Strength Acts

Any questions feel free to call or text 973 476 5328 him direct.

Meet Jill “The Jill Sergeant”, certified Personal Trainer, Assistant, 2nd in command
jill's desk2Jill (the Jill Sergeant) moonlighted as a personal trainer in Parsippany New Jersey at LA Fitness and had hired Eric Moss to help her look her best for her wedding. In that time her progress was rapid as she was a coach-able, hard working student and was open minded enough to recognize that there is something new, different and amazing to his methods of training. Absorbing everything he taught her like a sponge and knowing him and his methods well enough to be able to figure out what he’s thinking just from a funny look on his face, she was recognized as being a great trainer with a talent for teaching coupled with a personality that makes training fun and she was asked to join the Eric Moss Fitness team.

“Jill is the only person I trust to train my students when I am out of town doing a strongman show. My students are very important and are in capable hands when they are with her.” Eric Moss

In addition to the things she’s learned from Eric Moss she brings her own unique skill set to the table.

Attended and passed W.I.T.S. Personal Trainer Certification Program in December, 2008
11/09: Fibromyalgia Specialist 6 credits
08/10: Lower Body Ball Specialist 6 credits
02/12: Posture Analysis Specialist 6 credits
10/12: Super Abdominals: Essential Rules of Excellence 4 credits

Jill is the one who subs for Eric if he’s out of town and is available on an extremely limited basis.