Month: June 2019


I’ve moved my personal training studio to Main Street in Boonton…Here’s why

I’m announcing officially that we have moved from Lewandowski Chiropractic to Main Street in Boonton (where Boonton Main Street used to be).

The main reason was that we needed to expand into bigger space, and also it has more visibility. I’m thankful for my time with Dr. Paul and Dr. Brett but it’s time to do it on my own again.

Here I go again

This past month I’ve been extremely busy getting the new personal training studio up and running and while moving in, people naturally have been wandering in to see what’s going on, who’s moving in etc.

On Main Street in Boonton, there are boxing gyms, yoga studios, pilates places and martial arts gyms. Knowing this, and hearing the general questions people have been asking me, I figured I would take the time to explain my unique approach and introduce myself and why I’m different.

an older demo video of my strongman show

I’m a personal trainer and modern day performing strongman. My strongman show is a classic feats of strength show with a modern day twist, and my approach to training is similar in that it is a mixture of time tested training methods mixed forged with cutting edge techniques. All of my training programs are customized to the unique needs of the individual but with the common purpose of getting stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier for durability, resilience and to become as Mark Rippetoe famously quipped “harder to kill”

And though I enjoy that explanation, the best way for you to know what I do is to allow me to show you, during the trial membership. That’s the best way to understand how I can help you. If you want to try it out, call or text (I prefer txt fyi) 973 476 5328