Personal Training Success Story Spotlight- Omkar

Here is Omkar’s personal training success story in a nutshell.

When Omkar first reached out to me, he had been training in another gym that promises to train like an athlete.  However, no matter how hard he was working, it wasn’t helping him get more athletic nor did it get him closer to his goal of reducing belly fat and gaining muscle.

It’s not like he wasn’t putting in the work.  Omkar works hard.  In his previous gym, he had worked out so hard in fact that he was advised by his doctor to delay training with me for a full 10 days since his muscles hadn’t recovered from the training they put him through. Quite simply, no matter how hard he worked it just wasn’t the right training program for him.

Frustrated with a lack of progress and nagging injuries, he came to me for guidance in training and nutrition and decided to give the free trial membership in my personal training gym a go.  

During the free trial, I had taught him some of the exercises that would be included in his program.  He was convinced that the kettlebell swing would hurt his back since that was his previous experience, but once he learned proper technique he was fine.

At the end of the trial, even though he believed in the training program as well as me as a coach, he was unsure he could commit for the minimum 12 weeks it takes to get the results it promises.  

I gave him some basic guidelines to work with on his own, wished him luck, and never expected to hear from him again.

Much to my surprise a couple of weeks or months later, I’ll admit I can’t remember (time can be a bit of a blur sometimes) he reached out again.  I remembered working with him previously and was happy to have him come back in.

But now we had to retest his strength to see if he did any of his homework.  He did and was already noticeably stronger…so now with me guiding him through each session it was time to take his strength and his physique to the next level.

The workouts were designed to be at a level he could handle without issue and he put in the work, bringing his a-game each and every session. The kettlebell swings which previously would hurt his back we used as part of the finisher and he rocked it each time, never giving up or slowing down.  He struggled a bit trying to get his nutrition right but got close enough to get the results he wanted.

Around the last week or 2 of the program, he took a short vacation to Utah to visit some family and he had said for the first time, he was able to take off his shirt and feel confident in the way he looks as well as actively engage in the outdoor activity he was doing (hiking, whitewater rafting, other outdoor activities that is more common in Utah, etc.). Though I don’t think we should feel ashamed of ourselves, it is easier when we are in better shape.

And his results speak for themselves. The belly fat reduction is the most obvious change, as well as the muscle development in his arms and chest.

Omkar’s results in a 12 week time period. Notice the belly fat is gone while he developed muscle in the arms and pecs.

And not only that but in a 12 week time period, we took his strength to levels beyond what we expected.  Before the program, he previously had struggled to do 2 chin-ups but by the end of the program, he was laughing as he got 8 reps, defying even my expectations.  He did his previous bench press 1 rep max for a set of 9 and did a staggering 25 reps with his previous 1 rep max in the squat. He explained what he thought about the program with one word…”Amazing!”

And the transformation, in his physique and his confidence, wasn’t just rewarding for him, it was rewarding for me as well.  It’s people like him that make me enjoy what I do and why I seek to be the best at it.

Now even though he’s equipped with the skills to train on his own, I sincerely hope to train him again. Either way, I believe he’ll continue to get stronger, more muscular, and achieve more of his ambitions.

Eric Moss is a personal trainer in Boonton and doubles as a world-record-holding modern-day professional performing strongman, author, and motivational speaker. In the tradition of the strongmen more common during the turn of the century, he performs feats of strength such as bending steel and breaking chains as part of a show and speaks on goal achievement for corporations, nonprofits, government as well as for schools and universities. His exclusive personal training studio is located on Main Street in Boonton New Jersey, is close to Mountain Lakes, Denville, Montville and Parsippany New Jersey.

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