Netflix and Strong

Earlier today while I was between clients, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw the post above by The Chive (Chive on!).

Though I appreciate the humor of this it highlights an issue that should be addressed.  For one thing he knows what he’s doing and is deceptive about it.  It’s not uncommon for me to hear things like “My dietician said only clear liquids. Vodka is a clear liquid so I’m having that.”

Yes vodka is a clear liquid, and not that I’m opposed to having a drink or two but who do you think you’re fooling and what do you think you’re getting away with?

Second, is why not just get stronger, leaner, fitter, or healthier while you’re there at least?  It is no secret that people who exercise are healthier, happier, more productive and a zillion other bulletpoints that if you were to put it into a bottle would be a best seller in no time.

Training doesn’t have to be miserable to be effective and can provide a worthwhile and meaningful pursuit in itself.  Every time one of my personal training clients hits a personal record and the cowbell is rung to commemorate it, I see the look  that the feeling of accomplishment gives them.  I know the feeling well myself.

Set a goal, go after it.  When you achieve it set another one.  There are many things to pursue.

If you don’t know how, hire a coach or personal trainer (one that knows what they are doing of course) to teach you and provide effective feedback.  If you can’t afford one, buy a book or dvd course that can at least show you proper training.  If nothing else, learn from your mistakes.

If you are in the Morris County area near Boonton Township, look me up.  I’ll set you up with a trial membership, teach you a thing or 2 and we can see if you are a good fit to continue as one of my accolytes of awesomeness.

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