Matt’s Personal Training Results are incredible!

When Matt first came to my personal training studio, he came by the way of referral not even to get in shape, but for the mental health component that comes with training right and eating healthy. It’s common knowledge that you feel better after a good hard training session.

Now Matt had a significant amount of hurdles to overcome. Having turned his back from the life of a rock star and opting to be the guy behind the music instead he kept a crazy schedule with his music production business. On top of that, he has familial responsibilities and carries them all on his shoulders. So we needed to make sure his shoulders were strong.

Sometime during the holidays, he got sick with covid and while trying to recuperate he got backed up with all the projects he was working on. In order to stay afloat and make sure he didn’t lose any of his clients, he needed to pull double/triple duty trying to catch back up which meant he needed to put training on the back burner.

During that time, his health had gotten back out of control and he was feeling pretty down on himself.

By the time he was in a place where he could start training again, he was only able to dedicate himself to twice a week for training. Knowing how limited the options were, I needed to be very careful with exercise selection. There was no room for filler, and little room for error when it came to progressing him optimally. I decided to train him in a way that would accumulate as much strength as possible without burning out his central nervous system. Being fairly aggressive but never beyond his capabilities. His nutrition guidance came mostly from Donna Galarza.

Even though he was down on himself for how far he had gotten out of shape he was willing to work hard to get out of the hole he was in. He jumped headfirst into the program and even though there were obstacles…lots of obstacles, enough to stop just about anyone else but he never let anything stop him.

At the beginning of the program, he would hold his belly and talk about how bad it was. As the weeks progressed he started noticing changes.

And as more weeks ticked by and he kept burning off the belly fat and building lean strong muscle in its place he had bumped into some people from his past. One was the acupuncturist who referred him to me. She couldn’t believe how much leaner he got, but since she trains with me and knows me understood that I knew what I was doing when it came to personal training program design and that I would never recommend something to harm him, and also know how hard he works at it.

Another person also saw the changes and accused him of steroids, but nope…we do it holistically, drug-free…the right way. Hard for them to believe because his results are extremely uncommon in most other personal training studios.

And indeed his results are uncommon.

In a 6 month period training just twice a week:

His bench press 1 rep max he did for 17 reps with room for more.

His chin-ups went from 4 to 18.

His squat 1 rep max he did for 15 reps with room for more.

And last but not least, he added 100lbs to his hex bar deadlift.

And the side-by-side comparison is pretty awesome too.

6 months of training at Eric Moss Fitness #nofilter #nophotoshop

Now he’s doing better. He’s stronger, more confident in the way he looks and has a positive self-image. The transformation wasn’t just for his physique, it was for his state of mind which I personally think is the most important thing.

On a sidenote I’ve personally enjoyed every session. We speak about many things, but music in particular is something I can speak on a different level with him. If you have ever walked near my personal training studio on main street and heard a banshee scream, that was me. I have that, and I have music in my soul and he’s providing guidance in helping that come out.

Eric Moss is a personal trainer in Boonton and doubles as a world-record-holding modern-day professional performing strongman, author, and motivational speaker. In the tradition of the strongmen more common during the turn of the century, he performs feats of strength such as bending steel and breaking chains as part of a show and speaks on goal achievement for corporations, nonprofits, government as well as for schools and universities. His exclusive personal training studio is located on Main Street in Boonton New Jersey, is close to Mountain Lakes, Denville, Montville and Parsippany New Jersey.

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