Covid-19 procedures

Eric Moss Fitness personal training studio is open with some stipulations to keep everyone safe.

Eric Moss Fitness personal training studio on Main Street in Boonton is back in action. I am continuing my mission of making the world healthy and strong. This includes doing what we can to prevent the spread of covid-19.

Read the changes in the procedures to help keep you safe.
  • I’ll be allowing up to 3 people from separate households within the studio at a time starting May 19th. I’m only offering this on a case-by-case basis with social distancing and mask-wearing still in effect.
  • If a member needs to remove their mask to get extra air, they are asked not to do so within 6ft of another person and to not face them directly.
  • People who aren’t vaccinated may not be accepted as members at this time.
  • I’m going to ask each personal training client a short series of questions to determine risk. I’ll also test the blood oxygen level via an oximeter before training as an additional safety precaution.
  • I am prioritizing active personal training clients over trial memberships. See the personal training schedule page to check availability.
  • Personal training clients will have to sanitize their hands upon both entry and exit of the personal training studio. I’ve included hand sanitizer near the doorway.
  • I’ll be wiping down any equipment that was used with certified disinfectants. I also spray the entire training area with a disinfectant mist. I clean and disinfect in between each personal training client.
  • Personal training clients will have to wait outside for the previous client to leave and to provide adequate buffer time for disinfection.
  • I wear a mask try to maintain a safe distance as much as I can.
  • I will take care of setting up all the plate-loaded equipment for you.
  • Please do not put any equipment away. I ask this so that I know what equipment was used so that I can pay extra attention to disinfecting it.
  • I offer the personal training free trial membership in a limited capacity.  If you are interested in the trial send me a text at 973 476 5328.
  • I am not accepting anyone into the Amazing 12 Classic Body Transformation Program at this time. I can put you on a waiting list, but I give current active personal training clients given priority.
  • Do you have any ideas? I’m open to anything to help you feel safe.
  • Finally, most of this should be common sense. Do you feel like you may have COVID? Were you recently exposed to someone with COVID? Do you simply not want to take the risk? Just stay home. It is better to err on the side of safety.  I’ll write your customized program for you to do at home until it’s safe to train in person again (active members only).
In conclusion

This pandemic has shown the importance of making people healthy and strong. I’m happy to be able to train people again but we must proceed with caution even if it seems like overkill.

Do you buckle your seatbelt when you get into a car? Is it because you are going to get into an accident? No, you do it just in case. The safety procedures here are no different. If someone is going to catch covid-19, it’s not going to be because I didn’t take it seriously.