12 reasons Turkish Getups will make you awesome

This past Saturday (3/26/16) the personal record cowbell was rung twice.  One by Tom Daly who achieved his first get up of 80lbs. and one by Maria who in just her second session with me did a get up with 40lbs.

Now if you are unfamiliar with some of the benefits that comes with a getup here I’ll list them really quick but I’ll warn you…it’s REALLY geeky.

(via Strongfirst™)

  1. Promotes cross lateralization (getting right brain to work with left side)
  2. Promotes upper body stability
  3. Promotes lower body stability
  4. Promotes reflexive stability of the trunk and extremities
  5. Ties the right arm to the left leg, and left arm to the rightleg
  6. Gets the upper extremities working reciprocally (legs too)
  7. Stimulates the vestibular system (1 of the 3 senses that contribute to balance)
  8. Stimulates the visual system (2nd of 3 senses that contribute to balance)
  9. Stimulates the proprioception system (3rd of the 3 systems that contribute to balance)
  10. Promotes spatial awareness
  11. Develops a front/back weight shift
  12. Develops upper body strength, trunks strength, and hip strength
 Now if you find that confusing I don’t blame you.  It’s not your job to understand this stuff it’s mine.  I’ll sum it up for you here…
Turkish Get Ups Will Make You Awesome….plain and simple.
The problem with Turkish Get Ups is that the devil is in the details and it takes a skilled coach who knows how to both demonstrate and teach it, and that’s assuming you are able to perform it without issue (ie, medical limitations)
In my personal training studio I’ll check for this when I assess you.  I check to see if this is something relevant to your goal, and something that you can safely perform.
And currently I offer a 1 week free trial that includes:
1) fitness evaluation and program customization session (I see what exercises you should do, and teach you how to do them)
2) 3 group personal training sessions (I train you with your custom program along side my regular clients during my normal group personal training hours)
3) A one on one goal assessment session. (we dig deep into your goals and see what needs to be done in order for you to get there)
To sign up for this is simple…just send a text to 973 476 5328 and tell me your name and what you want to accomplish.  Yes it’s that easy.

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