We have moved our location!


Effective immediately, we have moved our location from Parsippany to Boonton Township/Mountain Lakes. Though many great things have happened in Parsippany, the new location provides new and fresh opportunity.

We are with my chiropractor Dr. Paul Lewandowski and are now able to provide a superior service. As an example, as standard operating procedure I put everyone through the functional movement screen, created by Gray Cook. If there is pain present during any point of the screen, I’m supposed to refer out to someone qualified to fix it, in this case I can say “Go down the hall.” and with the person’s permission I can share the results of the screen so we can narrow in on the problem as a coordinated team.

In addition, with having access to the outside, I can add new offerings like kettlebell juggling, farmer’s carries, overhead walks, sprints, etc.

Please check this page for updates.

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