10 day cleanse

I do a lot of my work from my home, both for promoting my professional strongman and speaking business as well as odds and ends for my personal training studio.

Since my wife also does a lot of work from home she often has day time television on and I catch snippets here and there.  Last week while I was responding to an email I overheard a promotion from some diet “guru” who had written some “best selling diet” book who was going to be doing a segment on a 10 day cleanse.

I didn’t watch the segment, I don’t need to because I’d be willing to bet that I’ve seen it before.  Cleanses aren’t a new thing and come around in some form every so often, usually using some kind of “detoxifying tea” or something else from a multilevel marketing supplement company.

Here’s the truth, no ingredient that you put into your body with the exception of water going to cleanse you.  That’s what your liver and kidneys are for.  The only “cleanse” would be done by fasting, and that’s really just giving your body a break from taking in new toxins.

The other issue I have is “10 day this”, “21 day that”.  Stop thinking short term and start thinking long term.  Yes programs can be short in duration but that’s really just a stepping stone to another longer term solution.  The fact of that matter is that taking charge of your health is a life time journey that won’t be solved with a short term fix.

One of the goals that I have in my personal training studio is that for the duration that I am with my clients, I will teach them all the things they need to know so that when our time is up, they will be able to do it on their own, not that I want them to go or anything.

I want you to come initially because you need my help to cleanse you (see what I did there?) from the misinformation that populates the fitness industry. But I want you to stay not because you continue to need me, but simply because you enjoy the atmosphere and continual results.

But the only way to see if myself as a coach and my system of training is right for you is to take my one week personal training trial membership and try it out for yourself.

Eric Moss is a world record holding professional strongman, author, speaker and personal trainer.  His personal training studio is in Boonton Township New Jersey with Lewandowski Chiropractic and is close to Mountain Lakes, Denville and Parsippany New Jersey.

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